29th Educational Conference & Research Agenda Conference

Leadership in Education

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A Commitment to Excellence

At ACCRAC 2023, we will envision the future of learning in an ever-changing environment. We will embrace innovative and inclusive instruction methodologies as we continuously strive for excellence.

This year’s event will deliver thought-provoking and insightful presentations and workshops to address the myriad of issues in today’s rapidly changing education landscape.

Our meeting in New Orleans will bring together faculty, administrators, researchers, students, and practitioners to find ways to solve today’s challenges and explore tomorrow’s opportunities.

Hear from experts in the educational, clinical, and basic sciences domains in the education landscape.

Learn about new and emerging research in chiropractic and engage in dialog during peer-reviewed sessions.

Experience high quality programming for a significantly lower cost than previous years.

Network with your peers and colleagues to solve today’s challenges and explore tomorrow’s opportunities.

ACCRAC offers insights into new and emerging education and clinical research in chiropractic and is a great opportunity to network and problem-solve with colleagues.
Aimee R. Jokerst, DC, FIAMA, Director of Logan Health Centers, Logan University

4 Engaging Conference Tracks

Chiropractic, Health, Education, and Clinical Research 

Chiropractic Research

Increasing Our Understanding of Basic Principles through Chiropractic and Spinal Research

Moderator: Ilija Arar

Our professional knowledge of clinical and basic science principles continues to grow with newly discovered research studies. Understanding how the neuromusculoskeletal system functions helps chiropractors improve their practices and apply these principles to patient care. This session will consider presentations of current clinical, physiological, and biomechanical research and relate these findings to how we can better understand patient function and dysfunction.

Health Research

Expanding the View of Health: Applications of Chiropractic to Improve Patient and Population Health

Moderators: Jonathan Egan & Martha Kaeser

Chiropractic knowledge and applications to patient and population health continues to expand with new research. By exploring the findings from public and population health studies, we can better understand how chiropractic practice fits within these contexts. This session will take a deep dive into the topics related to individual and population health issues and will discuss how these findings relate to chiropractic care. Concepts such as screening and preventive measures, as well as how chiropractors can support patients’ healthy behaviors will be reviewed.

Education Research

Best Practices in Education: Preparing the Future Chiropractic Workforce

Moderators: John Mrozek and Stuart Kinsinger

The world population continues to grow and diversify, and chiropractors must be prepared for these global changes. This session will consider presentations about the preparation of chiropractors for current and future challenges in healthcare. This session will review current and new concepts related to evidence-based practices within a life-long learning paradigm for chiropractic practice.

Clinical Research

Integration, Whole Health, and Improving Patient Care: Chiropractic Applications

Moderators: Celia Maguire and Stephanie Sullivan

Chiropractic care brings value to integrated healthcare settings and can expand on the value of patient care. Therefore, chiropractors practicing within the healthcare system must be fluent in evidence-based health care principles and practices. This session will discuss new findings and recent studies of chiropractic care in integrated and whole health settings and will focus on how chiropractors may best improve patient care.


Improving Patient Care: Insights from Clinical Case Reports

Moderators: Kelly Brinkman and Clinton Daniels

Chiropractors must be prepared for typical day-to-day patient presentations but also must be knowledgeable about unusual signs and symptoms that may underly a serious or life-threatening conditions. This grand rounds presentation will discuss how chiropractors can identify uncommon or complicated patient cases and discuss what to do in these clinical situations. This session will review cases from real-life patients and discuss the outcomes of chiropractic care.

Interactive sessions


Three concurrent workshops will provide tools and tips on how to expand scholarship and research capacity, develop content to address gaps in business education for chiropractic students, and explore common challenges in training doctors of chiropractic during hands-on applied clinical laboratory settings.


Pre-conference Seminar

ACCRAC Platinum Sponsor, Standard Process, is hosting a pre-con seminar reviewing nutritional research and offering two free CEUs on Thu 2:30-5:00pm at the Sheraton. 

ACC Workgroups

ACC Workgroup Meetings

ACC’s work group meetings offer college and university personnel in different roles and with different responsibilities  on their campuses an exclusive, member-only forum to meet in person, discuss similar issues challenges, and share ideas. Meetings are typically held on the first day of ACCRAC (Thu Mar 23).

Sheraton Hotel
500 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA

ACC has secured a special rate of $229+ until March 1, 2023. The hotel is a 0.3-mile walk from the Aquarium of the Americas and 1.5 miles from Mardi Gras World. WiFi (fee), flat-screen TVs and signature beds included. Club rooms provide access to a lounge with complimentary WiFi, continental breakfast and evening appetizers.

Take advantage of the early bird ACC member rate of $269 now until Jan 31, 2023. All pricing in USD. 

All pricing in USD. 

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Featured Plenary Sessions

We have secured a line up of engaging keynote speakers for ACCRAC 2023

Friday March 24
Looking Ahead: Trends, Transformation and Training in Chiropractic Education

ACC Leaders' Panel

Hear from ACC leaders who will address important issues, challenges and opportunities that impact chiropractic education, the future of learning, and the profession at large.

Friday March 24
Rethinking What You Know: Embracing Curiosity and Empowering Change

Chick Herbert

Explore the importance of rethinking what we know and why it’s crucial for personal growth and long-term organizational success.

Friday March 24
Cultivating a Culture of Belonging

Learn inclusive leadership skills that impact relationships, mitigate groupthink, and foster inclusion and belonging in the workplace and the classroom.


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The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE), including the International Board of Chiropractic Examiners (IBCE), is the international testing agency for the chiropractic profession.

The NBCE develops, administers and scores standardized exams that assess knowledge, higher-level cognitive abilities and problem-solving in various basic science and clinical science subjects.

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Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) is an international and interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the advancement of conservative health care principles and practices.

The Journal publishes original primary research and review articles of the highest quality in relevant topic areas. The JMPT addresses practitioners’ and researchers’ needs by adding to their clinical and basic science knowledge and by informing them about relevant issues that influence health care practices.

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Continuing Education at ACCRAC

ACCRAC is working with Northeast College of Health Sciences to offers CEUs for the scientific platform and workshops presentations as noted on the program.

Please click here to check the status of CEU approval in your state.

Chiropractic Research

Increasing Our Understanding of Basic Principles through Chiropractic and Spinal Research

Posterior cervical spine muscle vibration in young adults with mild traumatic brain injury: Is there a non-brain-based contributor to visual symptoms?
Alice Cade, Phil Turnbull
The association of biomarkers with pain and function in acute and subacute low back pain: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
Michael Schneider, Valerio Tonelli Enrico Tonelli Enrico, Gwen Sowa, Mitchell Haas, Christine McFarland, Wan Huang, Nick Weber, Nam Vo
Functional MRI brain mapping of manual therapy in chronic low back pain: A narrative review
Janelle Hynes, Norman Kettner
Quantifying biomechanical and neurophysiological markers of joint dysfunction during spinal manipulation in an ovine cervical spine model
Christopher Colloca, Robert Gunzburg, Deed Harrison, Jeb McAviney, Mostafa Hegazy, Brian Freeman
Report of electroencephalography data from a sample of student rugby players in a chiropractic program
Dale Johnson, Krista Ward, Monica Smith
Functional impact of a whole food-based matrix in supporting phase II detoxification pathway: Spotlight on antioxidants support systems
Chinmayee Panda, Sara LeBrun-Blashka
Disc progenitor cell therapy improves pain, disability, and quality of life for patients with lumbar disc degeneration: Results of an FDA-approved clinical trial
Erika Evans Roland, Norman Kettner, Matthew Gornet, Douglas Beall, Timothy Davis, Domagoj Coric, Michael LaBagnara, Angela Krull, Michael DePalma, Patrick Hsieh, Srinivas Mallempati, Kevin Foley
Kinematically-determined rotational duration in supine cervical manipulative thrusts
Brent Russell, Mackenzie Keller
Analysis of coordination between contralateral arm and thigh movements during walking
Ronald Hosek, Brent Russell, Claude Maysonet
Arm swing symmetry in walking with induced lower limb asymmetry
Claude Maysonet, Brent Russell, Kate Hayes
Evaluating a manual muscle test as a measure of neuromuscular coordination of the lower limb: A pilot study
Stephanie Sullivan, Edward Owens, Ronald Hosek, Emily Drake, John Downes

Health Research

Expanding the View of Health: Applications of Chiropractic to Improve Patient and Population Health

Effects of an acute mindfulness-based intervention on exercise tolerance, maximal strength, and pain-related experiences in individuals with primary chronic low back pain: A pilot study
Louise Amiot, Catherine Daneau, Bastien Coupel, Martin Descarreaux, Marjorie Bernier, Jean Fournier, Alexis Ruffault, Anne Courbalay
Integrating chiropractic care and Tai Chi training for the treatment of chronic nonspecific neck pain in nurses
Wren Burton, Matthew Kowalski, Dan Litrownik, Peter Wayne
Changes in functional movement screen scores associated with multimodal chiropractic care: A pilot study
Harrison Vawter, Mark Pfefer, Rachel Gilmore, Tyrone Tate
Psychosocial risk factors for neck pain in workers: A systematic critical review with meta-analysis
Barbier-Cazorla Florian, Esquirol Yolande, Lardon Arnaud
A cross-sectional study of Australian chiropractors’ and students’ readiness to identify and support patients experiencing intimate partner violence
Keri Moore, Lyndon Amorin Woods, Deisy Amorin Woods, Dein Vindigni, Navine Haworth
Educational leadership in developing an age-friendly health system in a chiropractic academic health center: Project, process, and pre/post assessment of geriatrics students
Lisa Killinger, Judy Bhatti, Elissa Twist
Educational leadership in developing an age-friendly health system in a chiropractic academic health center: Project, process, and pre/post assessment of clinical faculty
Lisa Killinger, Judy Bhatti, Elissa Twist
Clinical Headache status of teleworkers with primary headache and coping strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic
Marieve Houle, Julien Ducas, Arnaud Lardon, Martin Descarreaux, Andree-Anne Marchand, Jacques Abboud
Clinical pathway accessibility and utilization trends of complementary and integrated health services among older adults across 5 VA Healthcare systems
Robert Butler, Alec Schielke, Robert Walsh
Physical activity guidelines in American youth: A cross-sectional study of the 2020 National Health Interview Survey to identify predictors
Claire Johnson, Bart Green, Igor Himelfarb, Edward Kane
Predictors of utilization frequency and expenditure level of chiropractic care in US adults: data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
Trent Peng, Baojiang Chen, Henry Shelton Brown, David Douphrate, Jud Janak, Kelley Pettee Gabriel

Education Research

Best Practices in Education: Preparing the Future Chiropractic Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic faculty stress: Are we all burnt out?
Christine Major, Kara Burnham, Suzanne Lady
COVID-19 related curricular changes and their impact on National Board of Chiropractic Examiners part I scores: A cohort study comparing classroom vs remote basic science instruction
Brian Anderson, Dustin Derby, Robert Percuoco
Classroom recordings: Utilization and influence on course performance
Amberly Ferguson, Lia Nightingale
Survey of depression and anxiety attributes of chiropractic college students
John Ward, Jesse Coats
Exam item degree of difficulty in a physiopathology course is correlated with National Board of Chiropractic Examiners performance in pathology
Ilija Arar, Jeanmarie Burke, Patricia Merkle, Deborah Hall
Comparison of mistakes on multiple-choice question and fill-in-the-blank: A retrospective analysis
Xiaohua He
Contrast bias impact on report of finding assessment grades during the transition between sequential clinic courses
Michael Sheppard, John Ward
How does test format affect the students’ performance and their long-term retention of knowledge
Niu Zhang, James La Rose, Megan Franklin
Observation of contrast bias through analysis of the relationship between clinic adjusting exit exam score and overall student graduating GPA
Michael Sheppard, John Ward
Discomfort during chiropractic manipulation: A survey of chiropractic students’ perceptions of comfort during various manipulative procedures
Simon Wang, Emily Montag, Sheilah Hogg-Johnson
Bridging the gap between biomedical and biopsychosocial models in chiropractic teaching clinics: A series of targeted educational interventions
Kristin Miller, Patrick Boylan, Norman Kettner, Katherine Pohlman
Clinical research screening of chiropractic patients at a teaching clinic
Zakary Monier, Katie Pohlman
Baseline evaluation of diversity, equity, and inclusion notion in the students at a Doctor of Chiropractic program: A cross sectional survey
Anjum Odhwani, Pradip Sarkar
Assessment of back pain behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs of chiropractors after a biopsychosocial educational workshop
Alec Schielke, Clinton Daniels, Katherine Pohlman, Jordan Gliedt

Clinical Research

Integration, Whole Health, and Improving Patient Care: Chiropractic Applications

Assessing referral patterns to on-station chiropractic clinics within the Veterans Health Administration
Sarah Graham, Anna Sites, Xiwen Zhao, Anthony Lisi
Correlation between self-report measures of function and lower limb motor performance in patients with and without imaging evidence of unilateral lumbar nerve root compression
Shelley Sargent, Geoff Gelley, Steven Passmore
Assessing downstream healthcare utilization for low back pain among chiropractic users versus non-users in the Veterans Health Administration
Kelsey Corcoran, Brian Coleman, Xiwen Zhao, Lori Bastian, Cynthia Brandt, Anthony Lisi
Describing congruence between ICD-10 coding and medical record text in Veterans Health Administration chiropractic notes
Nikhil Sharma, Sarah Graham, Anna Sites, Brian Coleman, Anthony Lisi
Short-term risk of low back pain flares within 24 hours following spinal manipulation: A subgroup analysis of a case-crossover within a cohort study
Carina Staab, Clinton Daniels, Andrew Timmons, Adrienne Tanus, Anna Korpak, Sean Rundell, Pradeep Suri
Assessing quality indicators and guideline-concordance in chiropractic low back pain visits in the Veterans Health Administration
Ryan Muller, Sarah Graham, Anna Sites, Kelsey Corcoran, Anthony Lisi
The effect of evidence-based triage versus usual medical management on low back pain patient outcomes and trajectories in a tertiary care setting
Janny Mathieu, Julie O’Shaughnessy, Claude-Edouard Chatillon, Cesar Hinciapie, Petra Schweinhardt, Marie Beausejour, Charles Tettreau, Martin Descarreaux, Andre-Anne Marchand
A systematic review of chiropractic high-velocity, low-amplitude sham protocols used in research
Margaret Sliwka, Stephanie Sullivan
Attitudes toward patient-centeredness among Canadian chiropractors
Kent Stuber, Silvano Mior, Gina Dolan, Mark Langweiler, Peter McCarth
Systematic review of virtual spinal examination component reliability and validity
Frank Bucki, Victoria Bensel, Brittney Walters, Clarice Wallert
A cluster analysis of practitioner responses to a survey on the chiropractic care of children
Joel Alcantara, Andrew Whetten, Joey Alcantara
Initiating the Keele STarT back screening tool in a chiropractic academic clinic
Austin Parker, Bryce Derry, Gary Tam, Katherine Pohlman, Christopher A Malaya


Improving Patient Care: Insights from Clinical Case Reports

A case of primary Ewing sarcoma of the clavicle
Whitney Fuqua, Whitney Graff, Lauren Tollefson
Spindle cell sarcoma of bone: A rare bone sarcoma presenting in a rare age group
Aidan O’Brien, Jessica Billham, Ashley Vogt, Norman Kettner
Rare mosaic trisomy 17 in a preadolescent female: Clinical presentation and management of symptoms
Allison Harvey, Erika Evans Roland, Jessica Billham
Ultrasound of intermittent medial meniscal dislocation: A case study
Joshua Wells, Chin-Suk (John) Cho
Neurogenic heterotopic ossification following spinal cord injury: A case report
Macy Randolph, Dingbo Shi, Patricia Estrada, Norman Kettner
Imaging findings in a case of spontaneous resolution of syringomyelia
Gannon Brochin, Angelica Miller, Lauren Tollefson
Evaluation and management of congenital spinal stenosis and complex spinal injuries in a circus artist: A case study
Guinevere Bennett, Tim Gooding
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy displays the structural and biochemical effects of spinal manipulative therapy in lumbar discogenic pain: A case report
Jessica Billham, Erika Evans, Francine Schranck, Kelly Brinkman, Matthew Gornett, Jim Cox, Norman Kettner
Practical application of the biopsychosocial model of care
Timothy Whiting
A multifactorial approach to management of myofascial restriction: A case report
Mandy Wong, Isaac O’Gara, Heather Meeks, Nathan Hinkeldey
Degenerative cervical myelopathy discovered in patient referred to VA chiropractic clinic for lower back pain: A case report
Tyler Barton, Derek Golley, Jonathan Danner, Andrew Dunn
Chiropractic management of a US Veteran with spine pain and concurrent brachial monomelic amyotrophy (Hirayama disease): A case report
Kevin Meyer, Morgan Price, Sarah Page, Clinton Daniels
Diagnosis and management of Saturday night palsy in a chiropractic teaching clinic: A case report
Patrick Boylan, Jessica Billham
Chiropractic management of a 29-year-old male with foot drop: A case study
Jesse Hodges, Misty Lagasse
Treatment of a patient with cervicogenic related vertigo: A case report
Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum

Diagnosis and referral of emergent arterial occlusion in a 64-year-old lifelong smoking male Veteran:

Considerations for increased awareness in public health screenings

Annie Babikian, David Paris
Diagnosis of acute middle cerebral infarct with atypical presentation in a patient with cervical vascular compromise
Kyle Klinginsmith, Alec Schielke, Robert Walsh, Robert Butler
Chiropractic impact on neural patterns, dysmetria, and quality of life in post-rehabilitation stroke patients: 2 case reports
NiAmber Harris, Emily Drake, Margaret Sliwka, Stephanie Sullivan
A case report of a patient with bilateral shoulder pain secondary to statin-induced myopathy
Patrick Battaglia, Macy Randolph
When hip pain is septic: A case report
Casey Mullen, Kelsey Lewis
Gamifying rehabilitation: A case report in a young male following reconstruction surgery for atraumatic sternoclavicular joint dislocation
Samuel Schut, Kara Shannon
Extension endrange loading for lumbar spinal stenosis: A case report
Kevin Percuoco, Michalla Dunaj-Compo, Harold Olson
The beneficial effects of laser IV therapy (photobiomodulation) on grade I-III pressure wounds in a chronic quadriplegic patient
Patricia Estrada, Norman Kettner, Dan Underkofler-Mercer
Rapid resolution of chronic lumbar stenosis symptoms using an exercise-based approach: A case study
Eleni Metrou, Nathan Hinkeldey, Heather Meeks, Mandy Wong
Conservative treatment for Achilles enthesopathy/plantar fasciitis
Baldomero Nunez
Multidisciplinary management of osteochondritis dissecans of bilateral knees in an 11-year-old competitive gymnast
Philip Afghani, Melissa Ferranti, Trevor Shaw
Fully integrated chiropractic and occupational therapy co-management of a patient with chronic pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
Bernadette Sheffield, Patrick Battaglia
Coordination of care between a primary care physician and a chiropractic resident for the management of meralgia paresthetica: A case report
Braden Sims, Christopher Arick, Eric Kirk
Chiropractic management of a Veteran with post-coflex interlaminar stabilization spine pain: A case report
Jane Joyce, Gina Bonavito-Larragoite
The role of the chiropractor in triage and self-efficacy: A case report
Ian Le, Nathan Hinkeldey, Heather Meeks, Gina Percuoco

Interactive Sessions


Building Chiropractic Education Research Capacity: 2023 Research Agenda Update
Bart Green, John Mrozek, and Stacie Salsbury
Business Education for Chiropractors: Part 1: Building a Foundation
Brian Gleberzon, Ayla Azad, and Michael Ciolfi
Optimizing Safety During Hands-on Laboratory Experience
David Starmer, Christine Bradaric-Baus, and Scott Dunham

Times & locations

ACC Workgroup Meetings


Chair: Melissa Denton, Cleveland University Kansas City
Time: 2:30p-5:00p
Room: Evergreen 4th floor (Conf for 12)

Assessment & Accreditation

Chair: Vanessa Morales, Parker University
Time: 8:30a-4:00p
Room: Oakley – 4th floor (Conf for 12)

Chief Academic Officers

Chair: Ana Facchinato, SCUHS
Time: 8:30a-4:30p
Room: Estherwood – 4th floor (conf for 24)

Chief Financial Officers

Chair: Tom Arendt, SCUHS
Time: 1:30p-5:00p
Room: Grand Chenier – 5th floor (HS for 25)

Clinic Directors/Administrators

Chair: Aimee Jokerst, Logan University
Time: 10:00a-5:00p
Room: Bayside C – 4th floor (HS for 25)

Research Committee

Chair: Brian Budgell, CMCC
Time: 3:00p-5:00p
Room: Edgewood AB 4th Fl

Student Affairs

Chair: Shelley Sawalich, Logan University
Time: 8:30p-4:00p
Room: Grand Couteau 5th floor (HS for 25)

ACC Leaders' Panel

Dr. Ron Oberstein, President, Life West & ACC Chair, Dr. David Wickes, President, CMCC, & ACC Vice Chair, Dr. Mike Mestan, President Northeast College & ACC Secty/Treasurer, Dr. Bill Morgan, President, Parker University, & Dr. Deb Bushway, President NHSU & ACC Board Members, moderated by Dr. Bart Green, JCE Editor

ACC leaders representing a broad range of programs will provide well-informed insights on critical trends facing chiropractic education. Attendees will hear thought leaders discuss curriculum transformation, community- vs. campus-based education, interprofessional education, and return on investment for chiropractic graduates. This is a session applicable to anyone in chiropractic education and not to be missed!

Chick Herbert

Strategic Leader, Executive Coach, Independent Consultant, and co-author of 'It Begs the Question – Learn how the best managers drive performance through Question-Centric Coaching'

Christopher 'CJ' Gross

TEDx Speaker and Founder of Ascension Worldwide, a firm dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity training and consulting based in Washington DC

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National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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