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FAQs About Residencies

The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE), the accrediting body for chiropractic degree and residency programs, defines a chiropractic residency as a post-doctoral education program centered on clinical training that results in the residents’ attainment of advanced competencies. Specific to the area of training, the residency expands and builds on the competencies attained through completion of the doctor of chiropractic degree program. A residency must be a minimum of twelve months, full-time, in-person training involving actual patients and following a coherent, integrated, and progressive educational program with evidence of increasing professional responsibility.

Various chiropractic residency programs exist, but our focus is on residencies that are accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education or have met the eligibility requirements for initial application for such accreditation. To date, these are the Integrated Clinical Practice programs. These chiropractic residency programs focus on the provision of chiropractic care in integrated healthcare systems, collaborating with primary care, specialty care, and other medical and associated health providers and trainees. The residencies provide advanced clinical training in multimorbid case management, allowing recent graduates to increase their scope and depth of clinical knowledge, experience and acumen. Residents are mentored by senior chiropractors who are national leaders in integrated chiropractic practice. These clinicians share their expertise in patient care and scholarship to provide a robust educational experience.

The residencies aim to recruit the highest quality recent DC graduates who are seeking medically-integrated chiropractic careers. These hospital-based training programs expand the residents’ ability to collaborate with other healthcare professionals in team care, as trainees learn with and from other healthcare providers during interdisciplinary rotations. Residents develop their knowledge of hospital practice, policies and procedures, and are better prepared for future positions in US healthcare systems and/or academic settings.

Each program is one year, full-time, running from July 1 to June 30.

Specific details on salary and benefits, along with other information, can be found at the following: 

VA Chiropractic Residency Programs
Aurora Health Care Chiropractic Residency Program

Residents are expected to be dedicated, self-driven, collaborative and coachable. The programs are rigorous, and residents must focus on maximizing their individual growth to become exceptionally qualified for medically-integrated positions. Residents become active partners with faculty who provide mentorship in career development and future job placement throughout the training period and beyond. Lastly, residents develop collegial professional relationships and friendships with their peers across the country.

Residency graduates are highly sought after by decision-makers in medical systems. The completion of a residency serves as a mark of distinction unlike any other in the chiropractic profession. Over 97% of graduates have excelled in career placement in hospitals and medical facilities and are on trajectories to become future leaders in healthcare. In the VA system, the starting salary for DCs with 1 year of experience would be over $20,000 higher for those who completed residencies compared to those who did not.

Applicants must apply online, and the application period opens the first week of January each year.

Visit the Chiro Match website for more information and to apply online.