30th Annual Educational &
Research Agenda Conference

The Healthcare Evolution

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Celebrating 30 years of blending education and research, ACCRAC 2024 offers a leading forum for attendees to explore how chiropractic education and research is and will be impacted by elements of the healthcare evolution. What does this mean for students, educators, researchers, regulators, practicing doctors, patients, and society as a whole?

Expectations in healthcare delivery changed dramatically in the aftermath of COVID. The pandemic challenged the status quo and jolted the industry into an unprecedented era of change. This evolution has had ramifications for chiropractic education, research, and practice. Technology, integration, personalization, sociocultural awareness, holism, and policymaking are all affected, causing us to think hard about how, where, when, and why patients seek and get access to health care.

Top trends will be investigated, including competency-based training, technology and education, artificial intelligence, remote and retail healthcare, remote patient monitoring, wearable medical devices, diversity, equity, inclusion and access, personalized healthcare, treating the whole person, and wellness.

Join us in San Diego.

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We have secured a line up of engaging keynote speakers for ACCRAC 2024
Friday March 24
Looking Ahead: Trends, Transformation and Training in Chiropractic Education

ACC Leaders' Panel

Hear from ACC leaders who will address important issues, challenges and opportunities that impact chiropractic education, the future of learning, and the profession at large.

Friday March 24
Rethinking What You Know: Embracing Curiosity and Empowering Change

Chick Herbert

Explore the importance of rethinking what we know and why it’s crucial for personal growth and long-term organizational success.

Friday March 24
Cultivating a Culture of Belonging

Learn inclusive leadership skills that impact relationships, mitigate groupthink, and foster inclusion and belonging in the workplace and the classroom.

ACCRAC is the # 1 place to learn about the latest in education and clinical research in chiropractic, and meet with my colleagues from across the profession to share ideas and hear different and insightful perspectives.
Aimee R. Jokerst, DC, FIAMA, Director of Logan Health Centers, Logan University

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The hotel has spectacular views of the marina or downtown skyline and is centrally located in the heart of the harbor, just minutes from San Diego Airport with a free shuttle. Enjoy being near downtown, Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego Zoo, and Petco Park, for a fun time in the city. Stop by Quinn’s Alehouse for a refreshing brew or enjoy dining al fresco at Shoreline Cantina. Enjoy a sprawling outdoor pool complex, with ample opportunities to soak in the San Diego sun or large fitness center.

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The NBCE develops, administers and scores standardized exams that assess knowledge, higher-level cognitive abilities and problem-solving in various basic science and clinical science subjects.

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The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) is an international and interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the advancement of conservative health care principles and practices.

The Journal publishes original primary research and review articles of the highest quality in relevant topic areas. The JMPT addresses practitioners’ and researchers’ needs by adding to their clinical and basic science knowledge and by informing them about relevant issues that influence health care practices.

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Brighthall was created to help people find scholarly solutions. We are dedicated to providing excellent consultation services relating to the fields of research, learning, and clinical care.

Brighthall services include: Peer review management; Conference planning and coordination; Editing and publication of conference proceedings; White paper and monographs; Management of awards and scholarship selection processes; and Facilitation of mission, vision, and strategic planning processes.

Continuing Education At ACCRAC

ACCRAC is working with Northeast College of Health Sciences to offer CEUs for the program and the approval process is underway. Please check back in December for updates on approval status and states in which CEUs will be offered.

ACC Leaders' Panel

Dr. Ron Oberstein, President, Life West & ACC Chair, Dr. David Wickes, President, CMCC, & ACC Vice Chair, Dr. Mike Mestan, President Northeast College & ACC Secty/Treasurer, Dr. Bill Morgan, President, Parker University, & Dr. Deb Bushway, President NHSU & ACC Board Members, moderated by Dr. Bart Green, JCE Editor

ACC leaders representing a broad range of programs will provide well-informed insights on critical trends facing chiropractic education. Attendees will hear thought leaders discuss curriculum transformation, community- vs. campus-based education, interprofessional education, and return on investment for chiropractic graduates. This is a session applicable to anyone in chiropractic education and not to be missed!

Chick Herbert

Strategic Leader, Executive Coach, Independent Consultant, and co-author of 'It Begs the Question – Learn how the best managers drive performance through Question-Centric Coaching'

Christopher 'CJ' Gross

TEDx Speaker and Founder of Ascension Worldwide, a firm dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity training and consulting based in Washington DC

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National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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Evolving Chiropractic Education and Research

As demand for chiropractic research and evidence grows, chiropractors must be prepared to address these demands. This session will consider knowledge and skills necessary for chiropractic practice and research. This session will review current and new concepts related to evidence-based practices focusing on chiropractic skills and contribution to new knowledge.
Examination of chiropractic students’ force and speed in delivery of chiropractic adjustments
Mara Trowbridge, Finnley Parsons, Krista Ward, Monica Smith
Comparison of force-time characteristics of prone cervico-thoracic spinal manipulative therapy between chiropractic interns and experienced chiropractors
Francois Perron, Martha Funabashi, Jean-Luc Gauthier, Isabelle Pagé
Correlation between chiropractic manipulative therapy class cumulative grade point average and clinic spinal manipulation exit exam grade
Michael Sheppard, John Ward
A qualitative study investigating the challenges and opportunities for building research capacity in sports-focused research in the chiropractic profession
Alexander Lee, Lara deGraauw, Ali Masoumi, Bradley Muir, Melissa Belchos, Kaitlyn Szabo, Christopher deGraauw, Scott Howitt
Research capacity and culture at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College: A mixed methods study
Carol Ann Weis, Diane Grondin, Danielle Southerst, Sam Howarth, Mark Fillery, Christine Bradaric-Baus, Janet D’Arcy, Silvano Mior
The relationship between satisfaction of work-related needs and forms of motivation for the pursuit of scholarly activity in chiropractic faculty
Christine Major, Melinda Novak, Sarah Visconti, Kathryn Ross, Kara Burnham
Development of a faculty-driven mixed methods exploratory study of a collegiate research climate
Kevin Percuoco, Alex Margrave, Patrik Schneider, Breanne Wells, Michael VanNatta, Kara Shannon, Meredith Meyers, Amberly Ferguson, John Crouse, Kira Baca, Brian Anderson, Dustin Derby, Lia Nightingale, Stacie A. Salsbury

Exploring the Science of Chiropractic

Chiropractic knowledge of basic science principles continues to grow with new research studies. Understanding how the neuromusculoskeletal system functions helps chiropractors improve their practices and apply these principles to patient care. This session will consider current clinical, physiological, and biomechanical research and relate these findings to how we can better understand patient function and dysfunction.
Motor performance of participants with chronic neck pain and asymptomatic participants pre- and post-spinal manipulation using separate eye and head movement fitts tasks
Geoffrey Gelley, Steven Passmore, Brian MacNeil
Measuring adjustment forces: Applied compared to transmitted loads
Brent Russell, Edward Owens, Lydia Dever, Ronald Hosek, Kevin Tran
Neural connectivity alterations in people with chronic low back pain receiving chiropractic care
Usman Ghani, Imran Khan Niazi, Nitika Kumari, Imran Amjad, Samran Navid, Kelly Holt, Moeez Ashfaque, Amit Pujari, Ernest Kamavuako, Heidi Haavik
The impact of chronic neck pain on oculomotor performance during near point convergence and Fitts tasks
Steven Passmore, Michayla Esteves
Comparing balance and kinematic effects of standard athletic taping of the ankle during jumping activities
Shari Wynd, Rachiel Torrence, Todd Riddle, John Ward

Spinal manipulation effect on standing balance on a force plate of individuals with neck and low back pain

John Ward, Jesse Coats, Carol Longo
In-vivo ultrasound measurement of spinous process separation during axial distraction
Maruti Ram Gudavalli, Ralph Kruse, Bret A. White, Stacey L. Rider
Exploring the acute effects of spinal manipulation on handgrip strength and reaction time relative to anxiety and neck pain level
John Ward, Carol Longo

Public Health and the Future Chiropractic Workforce

The world population continues to grow, and chiropractors must be prepared for these global changes. This session will consider presentations about the preparation of chiropractors for current and future challenges in healthcare. This session will review current and new concepts related to evidence-based practices within special populations as it relates to chiropractic practice.
Racial and ethnic representation among complementary and integrative health graduates
Margaret Whitley, Nipher Malika, Patricia Herman, Ian Coulter, Margaret Chesney, Michele Maiers, Emma Bianculli
The lived experience of pregnant women under chiropractic care
Joel Alcantara, Elizabeth Emmanuel, Sandra Grace, Stephen Myers
Women’s health and chiropractic: Educational audit and development of core competencies
Carol Ann Weis, Danica Brousseau, Chantal Doucet, Cecilia Bergström, Barbara Drake-Land, Deborah Kopansky-Giles , Nichelle Gurule, Francesca Wuytack, Katherine A. Pohlman
The 4Ms of age-friendly healthcare system: A qualitative study of what matters most to chiropractic students
Lisa Killinger, Stacie Salsbury, Judy Bhatti, Elissa Twist
Evaluating the effectiveness of team-based chiropractic applied clinical neuroscience care on self-reported depression and cognition for medication-resistant depression: A pilot study
Stephanie Sullivan, Michael Longyear, Dominic Fetterly, Emily Drake, Mitchell Ferguson, Dylan Saulsbery
The relationship between stress scores, a single-session of chiropractic care, and electroencephalography patterns
Courtney Bliese, Emily Drake, Margaret Sliwka, Stephanie Sullivan
Effectiveness of a peer mind body medicine training program on faculty stress responses
Suzanne Lady, Katie Lockwood, Kara Burnham, Chad Lambert, Christine Major
The effects of study time, sleep duration, perception of course difficulty, and grade satisfaction on final exam scores
Niu Zhang, Xiaohua He
Effect of suspension of chiropractic treatment during the COVID-19 mandated shutdown on patients’ reported symptoms and function: A retrospective case study
Igor Steiman, Silvano Mior, Chadwick Chung, Lauren Ead, Dan Wang

Evolution of Education and the Chiropractic Work Environment

The work environment for chiropractic care continues to evolve and chiropractors must be prepared to address these demands. This session will consider presentations about the preparation of chiropractors for current healthcare environments. This session will review current and new concepts related to evidence-based practices focusing on chiropractic education and integration.
Examination of student and curricular time requirements for faculty
Kristy Carbonelli-Cloutier, Mehrsa Harati, Dana Hollandsworth, Chris Malaya
Chiropractic student perceptions of rehabilitation knowledge and skill level improve after incorporation a video-based group learning activity in an advanced rehabilitation course
James Strange, Cortney Williams, Christine Major
The impact of class attendance on both individual and collective exam performances
Xiaohua He
Improving patient safety in the chiropractic teaching clinic setting: A qualitative analysis of stakeholder suggestions
Bryan Porter, Alex Lee, Cameron Borody, Eric St-Onge, Martha Funabashi
Complexity of veterans within a Veterans Affairs chiropractic clerkship using the Charlson co-morbidity index
Michael R. Cole II, Charles Penza
Chiropractic student attributes and perspectives about their future
John Ward, Osiel Pena
Hospital-based chiropractors and interdisciplinary care training: An education descriptive report
Katie Benson, William Foshee, Jason Moss, Keilah Brown, Joseph Chung, Brandon Meseberg, Breanna Leach, Chelsea Frank, Jeff Miller, Adam Wilkerson, Eric Daniel
Applying universal design for learning to health care education
Michael Ciolfi

Chiropractic Public Health and Clinical Applications

Chiropractic care brings value to patient care and population health. Chiropractors practicing within the healthcare system must be aware of evidence-based health care principles and practices. This session will discuss new findings and recent studies of chiropractic care in integrated and whole health settings and will focus on how chiropractors can improve patient care.
Cost-effectiveness of spinal manipulation for back or neck pain
Brent Leininger, Gert Bronfort, Roni Evans, James Hodges, Eva Enns, Karen Kuntz
Association between pregnancy and spontaneous cervical artery dissection: A propensity-matched retrospective cohort study
Robert Trager, Clinton Daniels, Zachary Scott, Regina Marie Casselberry, Jamie Perez
Healthcare provider perspectives of integrating a comprehensive spine care model in an academic health system: A cross-sectional survey
Wren Burton, Stacie Salsbury, Christine Goertz
Trends in utilization of non-pharmacological pain therapies under Medicare
James Whedon, George Zakhary
Forecasting the use of chiropractic services within the Veterans Health Administration
Victoria Bensel, Kelsey Corcoran, Anthony Lisi
Mapping chiropractic services within us federally qualified health centers
Holli Kells, Charles Sawyer, Andrea Albertson, Michele Maiers
What are the wider health benefits of chiropractic care
David Wilmott, Christina Cunliffe, Adrian Hunnisett
Prevalence of neck pain and disability in mild traumatic brain injury (concussion)
Jeff King, Mike Schneider, Minnie Sundaram, Greg Kawchuk, Charity Patterson, Anthony Kontos

The Changing Chiropractic Healthcare Landscape

Chiropractors must be prepared to help a wide variety of people and be prepared to evolve as new technologies are available. This session will discuss the responsibilities that chiropractors must carry as well as new trends for chiropractic in healthcare delivery.
The use and misuse of a health care professionals’ power: A study of 32 professional misconduct cases
F.Stuart Kinsinger
Evolving healthcare education to address whole health leadership
Jonathon Egan, Winmar Way, Michael Ramcharan
Reviewing prior imaging in a chiropractic radiology practice: Influences on recommendations for additional diagnostic testing
Emma Forlow, Ian McLean, Kira Baca, Robert Vining
Chiropractic consultation requests from a neurosurgery service in a 1A Veterans Affairs health care system
Robert Walsh, Alec Schielke, Ellen Chevillet
Describing congruence between CPT codes and medical record text in Veterans Health Administration chiropractic notes
Samuel M. Schut, Sarah E. Graham, Anna R. Sites, Brian C. Coleman, Anthony J. Lisi
Use of chiropractic care in Alberta: Evidence for the restoration of diagnostic imaging funding
Cecilia Bloxom, Natalie Carrington, Kelly Fleck
Utilization rates by referral pathway and managed care profile in a multi-state, hospital-based chiropractic organization
William Foshee, Jason Moss
Identifying documentation of patient reported outcome measures in Veterans Health Administration chiropractic care using rule-based natural language processing
Brian Coleman, Kelsey Corcoran, Anthony Lisi, Cynthia Brandt

Chiropractic Applications, Assessment, and Education

Chiropractic care had been challenged to rise to its potential during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Chiropractic can add value to integrated healthcare settings and can expand on the value of patient care. This session will discuss the interface of chiropractic and the pandemic and will consider the quality of chiropractic assessment.
Quality of life in chiropractic students pre- and post-COVID-19 lockdowns utilizing the short-form health survey-36
Alice Cade, Kirk Stevens, Elly Whittaker, Reid Midanik
Experiential learning: Evolution and pandemic changes
Scott Dunham, David Starmer
The psychological impact of the pandemic on primary healthcare providers: Perspectives from a primary care clinic
Joe Lintz
Public health emergencies: Addressing the mobilization of complementary and integrative and allied health professionals
Cynthia Chapman, Ian Coulter, Patricia Herman
Analyzing the implications of employing global scoring in chiropractic license examinations

Igor Himelfarb, Nai-En Tang, Bruce L. Shotts

Assessing the impact of an early program intervention on student board examination performance
Jon Wilson , Joni Johnson , Emily Ford
Correlation between student performance in NBCE-Part I and the innovative curriculum in the doctoral chiropractic program from Universidad Central del Caribe in Puerto Rico
Kimberleve Rolón-Reyes, Yomarie Rivera-Román, Janisse Salas-Luciano

Evolution of Chiropractic and Spine Care

The fundamental impact of chiropractic care on spine outcomes for patients continues to evolve. Because our knowledge and skills continue to grow, chiropractors practicing within the healthcare system should be fluent in current evidence. This session will discuss new findings and recent studies of chiropractic care in integrated and whole health settings and will focus on how chiropractors may best improve patient care
Assessing treatments delivered by Veterans Affairs chiropractors in a multi-site pragmatic trial on patients with chronic low back pain
Ryan Muller, Cynthia Long, Kei-Hoi Cheung, Harini Bathulapalli, Christine Goertz, Anthony Lisi
The effectiveness of clinic versus home-based, artificial intelligence-guided therapy in patients with low back pain: A non-randomized clinical trial
Benjamin Holmes, Kenan Alzouhayli, Nathan Schilaty, Takashi Nagai, Luca Rigamonti, April McPherson, Nathaniel Bates
The prevalence of axial spondyloarthritis in patients treated for chronic back pain in chiropractic clinics: The oregon chiropractic axial spondyloarthritis study
Shireesh Bhalerao, Cydney Keller, David Perham, David Panzer, Kim Phung Nguyen, Rosy Quinn, William Malatestinic, Rebecca Bolce, Theresa Hunter, Atul Deodhar
Neck disability index scores at 3 and 12-month follow-up for treatment of post-surgical cervical symptoms utilizing flexion distraction chiropractic manipulation: A case series
Ralph Kruse, Maruti Gudavalli, Jason Klamson
The use of rehabilitation exercises in conjunction with chiropractic care for neck pain
Hay Yeung Cheng, Christina Cunliffe, Adrian Hunnisett
The impact of what matters most: Activity goal setting on pain and disability ratings of older veterans receiving chiropractic care for chronic low back pain
Casey J Rogers, Lisa Zubkoff, Katharina Echt, Madeleine E Hackney
Clinical correlates of pressure pain thresholds in 98 patients with uncomplicated low back and leg pain: A retrospective consecutive case series
Robert Leach, Kate Hayes, Stephanie Sullivan
Barriers and facilitators to self-management support strategies among chiropractic interns managing spine pain patients at a French-Canadian chiropractic teaching program: A mixed method study
Philippe Rousseau, Danikel Giroux , Chloé Branconnier, Emile Marineau Bélanger, Jocelyn Lemire, André Bussières

Improving Patient Care: Insights from Clinical Case Reports

Chiropractors must be prepared for a wide variety of patient presentations and must be knowledgeable about unusual signs and symptoms that may underly a serious or life-threatening conditions. In this grand round-style session, we will discuss how chiropractors identify uncommon or complicated patient cases and discuss what to do in these clinical situations. This session will review cases from real-life patients and discuss the outcomes of chiropractic care.
Spinal ependymoma presenting as subtle neurological findings in a Veterans Administration chiropractic clinic: A case report in differential diagnosis and appropriate use of diagnostic imaging
Olivia Poppen, Alyssa Troutner , Christopher Farrell, Lindsay Rae
Chiropractic triage at primary care for degenerative cervical myelopathy: A case report
Derrick Bark, Jevinne Khan, Patrick Battaglia
Chiropractic care for a posterior tibialis tendon rupture in transgender male athlete: A case report
Faith Truthan, Noah Hass, Aidan O’Brien, Daniel Haun, Norman Kettner
Non-surgical management of post vasectomy pain syndrome: A case study involving chiropractic care
Antonio Figueroa, Jr., Nathan Hinkeldey, Heather Meeks, Mandy Wong, Jeffrey Remsburg
Treatment of chronic myofascial pain following schwannoma resection: A case report
Jeffrey Remsburg, Heather Meeks, Mandy Wong, Nathan Hinkeldey
Bilateral leg pain in a high school soccer player: A case report
Jose Balseca, Amanda Balseca
Extensive isolated paraspinal atrophy: A case report and literature review
Hang Nguyen, Sherman Rhee
Integrated chiropractic-medical management of neurogenic bowel syndrome in a syringomyelia case in India: A case study
Tanmay Shinde, Charles Henderson, Monica Smith
Radial nerve schwannoma diagnosed with point of care ultrasound at a chiropractic school outpatient clinic: A case report
David D. Crespo-Rivera, Jake Halverson, Mayda Serrano-Alvida
A case of kidney injury secondary to a drug-drug interaction presenting as low back pain: A case report
Nicolas M. Littzi, Amy Kowalczyk
Management of foot drop with instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation: A case report
Nathan Hinkeldey , Chloe Goodwin, Aaron Meyer, Heather Meeks, Jeffrey Remsburg, Mandy Wong
Chiropractic as complementary care for patients with multiple sclerosis: A case report
Maria Elena Garcia-Carballo, Maria Eugenia Dueño Berrios, Mayda Serrano Alvira