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George's Test

For many years it was thought that George's Test was a viable testing procedure to help screen for patients who may be at greater risk for vertebral artery dissection following cervical spine adjusting. The fullness of time and the advancing accumulation of literature have changed that perspective and today the perspective on the test is that its use has the potential to cause more harm than good,.

In March 2004, the Clinic Directors of all the chiropractic schools and programs in the United States recommended to the presidents and/or deans of the institutions and program that they support a move to discontinue the use of George's Test and similar provocative testing in this setting. This position was supported by the presidents and deans.

Subsequently the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, due to the importance of this entire area of discussion, formed and charged a committee to develop a lecture addressing the subject of cervical spine adjusting and vertebral artery issues. The committee was Chaired by Dr. Gerry Clum of Life Chiropractic College West.


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