ACC CVA Project

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Who should consider ordering this DVD?

Quite literally every chiropractor in practice today! The information and perspectives offered in this lecture will increase the ability of the chiropractor to better recognize a patient in the process of an arterial dissection upon presentation. In addition the information presented in this lecture will provide the chiropractor with current information about the demographics and incidence data of Vertebral Artery Dissection (VAD) in general and as it relates to the practicing chiropractor. Finally this lecture will provide up-to-date information on the proper management of a patient who is experiencing a VAD to minimize morbidity, mortality and related issues of professional liability.

I graduated from chiropractic college two years ago is it necessary for me to review this information?

Yes. This lecture provides very recent data and perspectives that have emerged in the very recent past. Regardless of how recently you have completed your chiropractic education and training this lecture should be viewed.

I have completed risk management courses offered by my professional liability carrier is it necessary for me to review this lecture?

Your carrier has likely provided you with information and sample cases that have covered a wide range of issues and concerns. This lecture addresses one area but it does so thoroughly. As the area addressed is one that every chiropractor should be thoroughly and completely briefed on you should review this lecture carefully.