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2015 ACC/RAC Conference
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Marchiori Elected ACC Chair
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ACC at the WHO conference in Geneva [Watch Video]

Dr. Valerie Bennett, College Advisor on Health Careers [Watch Video]

NAAHP President Greets Chiropractic Colleges and others at 2014 National conference [Watch Video]

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Talks Global Health Care Issues with ACC Executive Director David O'Bryon [Read More]

A Brief History of the ACC Educational Conference

In March 1994, the ACC held its first educational conference to promote educational research and to educate the educators on new pedagogical techniques. Since that time, the size and quality of the ACC Educational Conference has continued to improve. Over the years, the conference and the educational, basic science, and clinical research presentations have grown in quality and representation.

The first time that the ACC Educational Conference and the Research Agenda Conference were held jointly was in 2002. The Research Agenda Conference (RAC) focuses on research training for chiropractic college faculty, students, practitioners, and professional staff and primarily consists of hands on training workshops. The ACC Educational Conference promotes institutional and academic excellence and learning and focuses on two areas, the bringing together of staff, administration, and faculty in a collaborative fashion to discuss various topics at group meetings and the presentation of peer-reviewed papers in poster or platform presentations.

ACC Peer Review Long Range Goals:

  1. Maintain the scholarship of the presentations and integrity of the conference
  2. Increase quality of conference presentations
  3. Increase number of published papers as a result of the conference
  4. Increase number of experienced peer reviewers
  5. Provide scholarship opportunities for new peer reviewers
  6. Provide mentorship and feedback to peer reviewers and authors
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